8 ways to protect yourself from phone scams!

Don’t be polite to people who are trying to steal from you. Slam that scam by hanging up the phone! If you don’t recognize the number on your caller id, don’t answer – if it’s a friend, they’ll call back, or leave a message. Beware of phone calls asking you for a donation to a […]

The Golden Age of Password Security and Managers

I remember a sweet, simple time, when I didn’t know I had to think about password security – I had 1 password that was 7 characters with an easily remembered word that I used for everything. Heck, my email account wouldn’t allow MORE than 8 characters. Of course, there was no online banking or ecommerce […]

Who do you call?

Suspicious window with call to action

Does it surprise you to know that there are people out there on the web who want to separate you from your money? Let me tell you a story, one with a happy ending. Just the other day I got a call from a long-time client, a woman of way above-average intelligence, blessed with common […]

Mac Backup strategies for the really smart folks out there


As promised, I’m going to help you decide on a backup strategy that will offer protection for most scenarios for all but the most advanced users (videographers and professional photographers might need more storage space, businesses might need more complex solutions for servers and a office full of networked computers, please call or email if […]

Heartbleed – a nasty piece of work.

Good morning, everyone, Most of you have probably heard the news over the last few days, about the Heartbleed bug. This is not a virus, has nothing to do with what platform or operating system your computer runs, what browswer you use. Unfortunately this is much bigger than any of those factors. This affects the […]