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Karelle’s been using Macs since 1986 – as a small business owner, photographer, and since 1992 as a consultant. There’s not much she hasn’t seen but she delights in the occasional surprise.

Hundreds of Clients

Over the years BMS has worked with small businesses, private schools, individuals and families. Like:


She’s set up small home networks, and single- and multi-building wired/wireless networks, consulted on the design of multi-computer offices, and the set-up of multi-user homes.


She’s taught classes to adults, seniors, and teenagers in productivity, digital photography, Photoshop, and a number of other topics. She’s trained people one-on-one and in small office groups, and written task-specific manuals. She designs backup plans for a wide variety of situations, specifically for Macs.

Her strength lies in her extensive and comprehensive Macintosh experience – even fixing problems that Apple’s Genius bar has given up on. She doesn’t just “fix” Macs, she has used them for 30+ years, for digital photography and asset management, web design, image editing, database management, writing and just the daily email and web purposes. This gives her an insight into Macs that most primarily PC techs just never get.

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