6 options to buy a Mac computer for less

Does this mean a new Mac computer is in your (near) future?

In the last few months a number of people have asked me where they might buy a Mac, a new one, or at least new to them, preferably for less. That desire for a new computer seems to be going around, so if that bug bit you too, let me share some resources:

Yes, you can buy a Mac at Costco

First of all if you’re a Costco member, they have some sweet deals on Macs right now. This is the first time I’ve seen such discounts from Costco and the deals range from $150 to $280 off. If you want to buy a Mac brand-new, this might do the trick.

Apple Refurbs

Then there’s the Apple refurbs, Macs that have been returned for a variety of reasons. Some were returned because they had problems, others because they weren’t the right color. The good thing about refurbs is that Apple rigorously tests each and every one and makes the necessary repairs. You will receive a “like new” item. Apple fully warranties refurbs and they are eligible for AppleCare in the same way as a brand new computer. The discounts can be substantial, but the inventory changes rapidly. If you see the perfect machine, right RAM, right size hard drive, right color, right size monitor, act quickly. If you find the choices are confusing, feel free to call me to help you pick your new computer.

Online dealers, like OtherWorld Computing

Other options include used computers from reliable online dealers, like OtherWorld Computing, PowerMax, and MegaMacs. Personally my favorite is Otherworld for used Macs. They also are probably the best source for replacement or external drives, RAM, and other peripherals. They’re not always the lowest price for peripherals, but they are reliable, Mac compatible and durable. I’ve happily done business with Otherworld for 20+ years.


If you feel confident and are willing to take a chance, you can do business with the sellers on Ebay. Ebay does offer protections for the buyer and this makes it somewhat less risky, but test your new Mac on receipt. To be honest, I’ve successfully bought many computers on Ebay, including the computer I’m typing this on. There have also been the occasional mishaps, computers that are patently not functional on arrival, and others that turned up problems on testing, usually with hard drives that are failing. I do often use the “Completed listings” feature of Ebay to get a sense of what the going price should be for a computer elsewhere.


On the plus side, purchasing from Craigslist gives you the opportunity to check out a computer before purchase. However you have no recourse if you find out 5 minutes after you complete the deal that something serious is wrong. That being said, I’ve bought computers on Craigslist too, without issue. It’s just more risky.

Mac Storefronts in Boulder

Worth mentioning are companies in Boulder where you can buy a Mac from their bricks and mortar stores: MacShack (also an Apple authorized service provider) and Experimac.

If you want an honest assessment of your current computer and whether you have alternatives to buying a new computer, call soon and we can evaluate your options. See more of my services.

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